Ace the Tables: How to Gain the Advantage In Blackjack



Unleash your Blackjack play with straight-forward and effective strategies designed for Blackjack in 2018 and beyond!

Ace The Tables combines years of research, practice rounds, computer simulations and real-life casino play into the most innovative and complete Blackjack strategy to date.

In Ace The Tables you will learn how to gain advantage over the casino by:

•    Identifying times when the dealer is weak and times when they are strong
•    Getting more money on the table when you are likely to win
•    Effectively using surrender to save money in losing situations
•    Learning the proper times to take Insurance
•    Playing at casinos with player-friendly rules
•    Finding the best table in each casino, and the best seat at each table
•    Knowing the point at which to end a session to consistently lock up winnings
•    Plus more…

“Amazing techniques and strategies that helped me become a better player and a more consistent winner.  Highly recommend this book to anyone desiring to take their Blackjack play to the next level.”  -B.P.

“The thing I love about Ace The Tables is how intuitive the implementation of the strategy becomes after practicing it for only a short time.  It covers not only what to do, but why to do it, which has given me a much deeper understanding of the game.”  -W.N.

This book will guide you through the learning process on how to employ these strategies in the modern game of Blackjack.  All aspects of the game are covered…not only how to play each hand and betting strategies, but also money management.

Gain an advantage… become a great Blackjack player…


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