Playing Baccarat using Pattern and Trend Analysis: A Comprehensive Guide



Predicting trends in the casino card game Baccarat has been attempted by countless players of this low house edge game. Using past results to predict future results is a futile exercise to some. However, Baccarat has patterns and trends that do occur consistently enough to offer the player a better chance of guessing correctly.

This book contains a comprehensive analysis of these patterns and trends and presents a “Big Picture” view point as the results acccumulate. By using statistics from a small sample this analysis has uncovered unique aspects on how patterns form and trends develop.

Highlights of the book include how Baccarat is played, using scorecards, dealer intimidation, unique ways to bet the Tie, basic pattern analysis, and demonstrating how the patterns fit into the “Big Picture.”

Although the bulk of the text is dedicated to pattern and trend analysis, it offers two unique money management ideas. The author emphasizes a “hit and run” approach to the game, however, three full shoes along with the authors analysis of them using the ideas in the text is presented.

Gambling is tough! Any insight the player has can be helpful. By reading, studying, and practicing the player can gain insight into the patterns and trends and develop confidence and an understanding of Baccarat.


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